Sunday, September 20, 2009


A Saint Sri Sanjeevi Raja Swamigal from Kancheepuram who got specializationin Vedas, mantras and done thapasu for seventeen years in Himalayas and other places. Conducting a favorite mass programme “ATHMASANGAMAM” in Raj TV on every Saturday by 8 to 9am stands at No1 of It’s kind. He is answeringquestions in the areas of all Religions, Vasthu, Astrology, Vedasastra, Yoga, treatment for the ailment and sufferings of the public.

Enquires and phone call’s with reference to this reveals its reception by public at various levels.

Interested business people may contact for sponsorship of this programme and develop there business (with commercial spot 10sec,15sec,20sec,30sec as per your guidance)

NOTE: People willing for branding, sponcer, and co-sponcer with this programme are acceptable rates are negotiable as per company norms


  1. thru sanjevi swamigal

    dear sir,
    iam nandhini, my residance isno;5/163,bharathidasan 1st street,kaveri nagar,saidapet,chennai-15,ph-9150062815
    sir your job is very very good.sir myrasi is scorpio natchathira is anusiyam my family is poor family pelease solution my family

  2. hi sir..this is mahalakshmi from avadi.....we have many financial problems at rasi is kadagam and nakshathram is aayilyam....i dont ve mothers is meenam.....pls give me a solution or guide me as how i can solve this problem..

  3. hi sir .. tis is leela mithraa from anakaputhur...we have many problems in our mind coz of our family problms my sis daughter is ready to walk nowadays its bcoz of uncle having atransport problms in his lif..plz give him a solution to solve the problem.........

  4. sir , this is the reply for the question asked in Athma sangamam program on 2-3-2013 about the meaning of guru..

    க . கௌஷிக் (c/o) சே பிச்சுமணி ,

    51 சவுத் அக்ரஹரம் தென்கரை , பெரியகுளம்
    பின் code 625601

    மொபைல் நம்பர்: 9677534625

    -> நல்ல சம்பிரதாயத்தில் திகழ பவரும் திடமான மனதுயுடைய வரும் பாவமற்றவரும் சாஸ்திரங்களை அறிந்த வரும் பிரம்மத்தில் ஒன்றிய வரும் சத்வ குணம் அதிகமாக பெற்றுள்ளவரும் உண்மை பேசுபவரும் நல்ல ஆசாரத்துடன் இருபவரும் தயை உடையவரும் தவறுகளை திருதுபவரும் குரு ஆவார் .